Tuesday, 28 October 2014

FTU Scrap Kit T.O.U.

FTU Scrapkit Terms Of Use

None of my tutorials or Scrap Kits are allowed to be used for tags being bought by My PSP Tubes or for any other form of monetary gain.
This goes against the artists TOU that I use for my tuts and against my TOU.

All materials were created by ©Monti and are for PERSONAL use only. 
No profit can be made from these kits. They cannot be used for any form of monetary gain. I supply them for free and do not see why any one else should make a profit from them.

You may share the PREVIEWS of these files with others with a link to 
so they can download them. 
They are NOT to be uploaded to any other website or passed through e-mail without express written permission from Monti.

DO NOT claim them as your own or use them to create new scrap kits.
DO NOT use them for defamatory, immoral, or illegal purposes.

If you wish to use my my Scrap kits in your copyright compliant tutorials please mail me first and let me know where you are using them.
I do not give permission for them to be used on sites that are not copyright aware.
If you want to learn more about how you can be copyright compliant please feel free to mail me and I can give you a great site to join that can help.

Regarding Copyright

If you are using my kits with an artists work then you DO NOT need to add my credits, so as to comply with Artists Terms Of Use. 
HOWEVER if you are using my kits on their own or with your own photos you need to add my credits to the finished piece.
Scrap Kit ©Monti www.montispixelplayground.com

You may use my Scrap Kits to create Incredimail stationary however you MUST add the following information to the credits at the bottom of the stat. 
Scrap Kit ©Monti www.montispixelplayground.com
If you are a group manager and would like to link to my kits please mail me first.
Please remember that direct linking is stealing, so please do not direct link to my graphics or downloads.
They are not allowed to be uploaded to any other site, if you use my kits for your tutorials etc then you need to direct them to my site to download the kit. 
At the moment my kits are free and I would like to keep them that way, however if they continue to be uploaded to share sites, passed through groups and claimed as other peoples then I will be forced to charge for them.

Thank you for reading and complying with my Terms Of Use.

My kits are saved as PNG files. In PSP go to File Associations and check the box next to png so that psp recognizes png files and they will then open with a transparent background.

PSP 7 - Thanks to Jules for this solution. 
Unzip the main file.
Open PSP and select Browse.
Find the png file you wish to use and open it in PSP.
Go to Masks - Load from Alpha Channel.
Sometimes you have to add a new Raster Layer and Merge Visible before you can resize the image though.

Hugs Monti 

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