Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pixel Terms Of Use

Pixel Terms Of Use
These are the TOU for all my pixel tutorials.

You do NOT need to put ©Monti on images made from my pixel tuts but you CANNOT put your © information on them either as you did not design the image.

I retain the copyright on all my pixel premades and outlines. You may NOT claim them as your original designs.

Any graphics and tubes I share with you are shared as is - you may NOT recolour, resize or change in any way unless you have my permission.
They are NOT to be shared in any way. They are for your own personal use only.
You may NOT use them to create lineart from. You may NOT make tutorials from them.

My premades require my copyright information on them.

You ARE permitted to make Signature Tags from them, providing NO profit is made.
You MAY use them in web pages and incredimail stationary but you must add my credits to the page/stat. 
©Monti www.montispixelplayground.com

You may NOT share them in any other way.

All ideas are copyrighted to me as they are my original concepts and designs. Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

You may print these tutorials out for your own personal use but DO NOT copy them in anyway to put them online, share them through e-mail and groups, script them or rewrite them in any way without my written permission.

I do NOT allow my tutorials to be translated so please do not ask.

If you are a group manager and would like to link to my tutorials or send the link through your group, please mail me first.

Please remember that direct linking is stealing, so please do not direct link to my graphics or downloads.

Thank you for reading and complying with my Terms Of Use. 

Hugs Monti

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